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The professional skill and integrity of our lawyers is our most important asset. We are committed to employing and retaining personnel with the experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure we deliver the highest possible service to our clients. Many of our lawyers are recognised as experts in their field by clients and legal directories, both in terms of practice area and industry sector.

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  Last Name First Name Job title Practice Areas & Industry Sectors Office
Bacon, Catherine Bacon Catherine Senior AssociateTrusts, Probate and administration of estates, Wills, trusts and estate planningCambridge Office
Bailey, Sarina Bailey Sarina SolicitorFamily and matrimonialIpswich Office
Baird, Beth Baird Beth Senior AssociateEmployment, Banking and financeChelmsford Office
Baker, Bernadette Baker Bernadette Senior AssociateLitigation and dispute resolutionNorwich Office
Barker, Chris Barker Chris PartnerCommercial property, Major projects, Strategic land development, Public sector, EducationIpswich Office
Barlow, Clare Barlow Clare Senior AssociateEmploymentChelmsford Office
Barnard, Emma Barnard Emma SolicitorCommercial propertyIpswich Office
Basra, Jessie Basra Jessie SolicitorEmploymentChelmsford Office
Batchelor, Marie Batchelor Marie AssociateLitigation and dispute resolution, Professional negligenceChelmsford Office
Bayfield, Hannah Bayfield Hannah Trainee SolicitorEmploymentIpswich Office
Beal, Josie Beal Josie SolicitorEmploymentCambridge Office
Beaven, Katie Beaven Katie Senior AssociateFamily and matrimonialIpswich Office
Beckham, Liona Beckham Liona AssociateCommercial propertyIpswich Office
Bellamy, Edward Bellamy Edward AssociateRenewable energy, Agriculture and estates, Banking and finance, Agriculture and estatesNorwich Office
Bennett, Marion Bennett Marion Trainee SolicitorCommercial servicesIpswich Office
Berridge, Frances Berridge Frances AssociateCommercial property, Public sector, Social housing, Local governmentNorwich Office
Berry, Jolyon Berry Jolyon PartnerLitigation and dispute resolution, Employment, Charity and social enterprise, Social housing, Care homes, Local government, Family owned businessesChelmsford Office
Bhatti, Faisal Bhatti Faisal Trainee SolicitorWills, trusts and estate planningCambridge Office
Biggs, Natalie Biggs Natalie Senior AssociateCommercial propertyCambridge Office
Bigland, Ryan Bigland Ryan SolicitorCommercial propertyIpswich Office
Biswas, Kayleigh Biswas Kayleigh SolicitorFamily and matrimonialChelmsford Office
Blore, Pamela Blore Pamela Senior Associate Professional Support LawyerCorporate financeNorwich Office
Bonté, Melanie Bonté Melanie AssociateLitigation and dispute resolution, Shipping and international trade, Transport and logistics, Shipping and logisticsIpswich Office
Boscawen, Charles Boscawen Charles PartnerProbate and administration of estates, Wills, trusts and estate planning, Charity and social enterpriseIpswich Office
Bouckley, Edward Bouckley Edward SolicitorCorporate financeNorwich Office
Branwhite, Sarah Branwhite Sarah Trainee SolicitorCommercial propertyIpswich Office
Brown, Laura Brown Laura AssociateEmploymentNorwich Office
Brown, Adam Brown Adam Trainee SolicitorConstruction and engineeringIpswich Office
Browne, Daniel Browne Daniel SolicitorCommercial propertyChelmsford Office
Brownsell, Liz Brownsell Liz Senior AssociateCommercial services, Major projects, Trusts, Charity and social enterprise, Social housing, Care homes, Education, Leisure and tourismIpswich Office
Brunning, Emma Brunning Emma Senior Associate and Collaborative LawyerFamily and matrimonialChelmsford Office
Bun, Carol Bun Carol Tax ConsultantLitigation and dispute resolution, Corporate tax, Personal taxationIpswich Office
Burnett, Nick Burnett Nick PartnerCommercial services, Corporate finance, International, InternationalChelmsford Office
Burt, Ben Burt Ben SolicitorConstruction and engineeringCambridge Office
Burt, Nick Burt Nick Senior AssociateCommercial services, Corporate finance, Banking and finance, International, Banking and finance, Family owned businesses, International, TechnologyCambridge Office
Bushell, Anita Bushell Anita Legal ExecutiveResidential property, Residential development, Social housingNorwich Office
Butler, Stephanie Butler Stephanie Trainee SolicitorCommercial property, Planning and environmentalCambridge Office
Buttery, Louise Buttery Louise Solicitor and Collaborative LawyerFamily and matrimonialChelmsford Office
Bysouth, Emma Bysouth Emma SolicitorCorporate financeIpswich Office