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The full implications of the UK's vote to leave the EU will be unknown for some while yet, but what is immediately clear is that Brexit will have an impact on the legal rights and obligations of businesses with commercial contracts and interests with EU Member States.  

Some market volatility is already in evidence and this has triggered a degree of uncertainty around projects, trading arrangements and investments, whether global, European or domestic. A great deal of investment has flowed into the UK because of our position inside the European Single Market and while the future is uncertain, business and consumer confidence may drop in the short term. In this respect, the business community clearly has a vital role in helping to deliver stability and reassurance during what will be a challenging few months, and possibly years, ahead. The Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, has confirmed that he will chair a ministerial group with responsibility for engaging with business over Brexit in response to a call from the CBI for a clear partnership between business and government.    

At the moment, the UK remains bound by European law and from a legal perspective, it is ‘business as usual’ until the post-Brexit model that will be preferred by the new government becomes more visible. 

In the midst of this period of rapid change and the significant challenges that lie ahead, our commitment to delivering high quality legal advice remains as sound as ever. It is ‘business as usual’ for us and we will continue to work with our clients to gain a better understanding of the impact of these changes and provide guidance and support where needed. Regular updates on Brexit will be posted as the situation develops.
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