IAG Hong Kong Assembly

Published: 18/02/2015

IAG held its opening Assembly of 2015 in Hong Kong.

The Assembly, which was attended by over 70 delegates and 20 guests from around 40 firms, saw IAG’s recent Asia / Pacific recruitment initiative take a huge step forward.

Building on the success of 2013’s Sydney Assembly and 2014’s Regional Assembly in Singapore, the Hong Kong Assembly saw IAG ratify four new members, who between them cover 11 jurisdictions in Asia / Pacific. In addition to the firms being ratified, IAG was delighted to welcome observers from five prospective member firms, four of which were again from Asia / Pacific.

The firms ratified were:

  • ALMT Legal from Mumbai in India
  • Cavell Leitch from Christchurch in New Zealand
  • D&S Legal from Noumea in New Caledonia
  • DFDL who have offices in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

The observers were:

The business sessions saw presentations from each of the prospective members and observers, as well as from three existing members in the US, Germany and Russia. The business sessions also featured a lengthy discussion of contrasting Asian and Western business and professional cultures led by Raymond Kok from Shanghai and Chris Howse from Hong Kong.

IAG’s next Assembly will be in Rotterdam from 29-31 May.

For further information on IAG please contact Daden Hunt or Nick Burnett.

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