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Employment Law Update - Quick Fire! - September 2016


Gender pay gap reporting, workplace pregnancy discrimination, Tribunal quarterly statistics and National minimum wage are covered in this month's quick fire.

Employment Law Update - TUPE: no service provision change


The EAT was satisfied that there was no service provision change for the purposes of TUPE when a new operator took over a bus route

Employment Law Update - Holiday pay and voluntary overtime


An employment tribunal has held that voluntary overtime should be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay.

Employment Law Update - Protecting pay was a reasonable adjustment


The EAT has held that it was a reasonable adjustment for an employer to continue to pay a disabled employee his original salary after he was transferred

‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’: pre-nuptial agreements


Children are increasingly being assisted by their parents in purchasing their first homes, with some parents re-mortgaging their own property to help their children to purchase. With the mixing of family monies comes increased risks and parents are keen to see their child protected in the event of divorce.

Can commercial landlords be liable for the infringement of IP rights by their tenants?


IP rights: A recent reference to the Court of Justice has clarified whether intermediaries in the 'real world' are caught by Article 11.

Surrogacy arrangements


Modern families and relationships are changing. The traditional nuclear family is no longer the norm and media interest has meant that surrogacy has become headline news.

Neighbourhood Planning Bill – and a whole lot more


The Government has published the Neighbourhood Planning Bill - bringing in changes that reach far beyond its modest title.

End in sight for the concurrent delay debate?


There is an ongoing debate as to the correct approach to take in relation to concurrent delay under construction contracts - where delay is caused by two events which run alongside each other, one of which is a contractor risk event and the other is an employer risk event. The correct approach was considered in the recent case of Saga Cruises BDF Ltd v Fincantieri SPA [2016].

Neighbourhood Planning top of the Government’s ‘to do’ list


It is clear that the Government is making Neighbourhood Plans one of its top priorities for planning reforms.

No ‘duty to probe’ rival bids when seeking best consideration


A recent case involving a development in Newbury considered the issue of 'best consideration' - a key issue for developers working with land deals...

Immigration Update - August 2016


This month's immigration update features articles covering Tier 2 Sponsor Licenses, Brexit, speaking English in a customer-facing role and a Tier 4 pilot.

Employment Law Update - Quick fire! - August 2016


Gender pay gap reporting, whistleblowing review, Civil Courts Structure Review and more are covered in this month's quick fire.

Employment Law Update - Effect of an appeal on dismissal


In this case, the EAT considered whether an employee had actually been dismissed, given that his appeal against dismissal was upheld.

Employment Law Update - protection under whistleblowing legislation


The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has clarified the meaning of ‘worker’ under the whistleblowing provisions of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

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