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Cornerstone - Fixed payment schedules


A warning to all contractors: if you’ve agreed a fixed payment schedule for interim payments in a construction contract...

The National Living Wage: What can we expect?


On 1 April 2016 the Government will introduce a compulsory minimum wage for all staff aged 25 or over. Despite the obvious benefit for employees, the impact on businesses will not be insignificant, with more than half of UK employers anticipated to see an effect on the payroll.

STOP PRESS: When is an employer liable for the actions of its employee?


In the recent conjoined cases of Cox v Ministry of Justice and Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets plc, the Supreme Court has reconsidered the appropriate test for establishing vicarious liability in the context of the employment (or in the case of Cox, a quasi-employment) relationship.

Employment Law Update - Quick Fire! - February 2016


Legal challenge to criminal records disclosure, gender pay gap draft regulations, public sector exit payments and whistleblowing are covered in this update.

Immigration Update - February 2016


In this month's update: Immigration Health Surcharge, voting in the EU referendum, guidance for landlords, Immigration Bill 2015-2016 and migrant journey.

Employment Law Update - Aggregating minor acts of misconduct


The EAT has confirmed that a series of minor acts of misconduct could be aggregated by the employer to justify dismissing an employee without prior warning.

Employment Law Update - Disability: ‘normal day-to-day’ activities


The EAT held that a worker was disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010 due to his impaired ability to carry out certain tasks at work.

Employment Law Update - TUPE: Temporary cessation of work


This article looks at the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the temporary cessation of work by a subcontractor.

Stop Press: Commission payments and holiday pay


The Employment Appeal Tribunal has handed down its decision in the case of Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd, the latest word in the long-running saga of what should be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay.

Living together in the 21st Century


A recent case has highlighted the importance for cohabiting couples to think clearly about their financial position and to give thought to what could happen to their assets in the event the relationship ends, or one of them dies.

Health and Safety Help! - HSE myth of the month


The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 contain a duty to pass on information about asbestos to people liable to disturb it.

Health and Safety Help! - Focus on ... Birketts' safety specialists


Our team of former HSE Inspectors offer practical and realistic expert advice and assistance.

Health and Safety Help! - Asbestos - the duties and the dangers


The consequences of failing to identify and appropriately manage asbestos can be damaging, not only for the individual but also for the corporate entity.

Health and Safety Help! - Health and safety sentencing guidelines


The new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences, corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene offences were set to increase fines.

Speed and performance warranties: how long is a ‘good weather period’?


Was it wrong in law to exclude periods of good weather which lasted less than 24 hours when determining whether a vessel had failed to comply with good weather speed and performance warranties?

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