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The Family Business - East Anglia Family Business Day 2017


Hear a highlight from the East Anglia Family Business Day 2017 - The Seadell family owned business story

The Family Business - Resolution revolution


When a family falls out, the consequences can be dire. Blood may be thicker than water, but that also means that differences become amplified. When that family owns a business, the reverberations can spread into the workplace and the workforce, and can threaten the family’s asset in both the short and long term.

The Family Business - Thinking of volunteering as a charity trustee?


Here are some top tips on things to consider from our charity law specialist, Liz Brownsell.

The Family Business - Self-employed individuals - or are they?


Over recent months there have been a number of cases where individuals, who were considered to be ‘self-employed’ by the business to which they were providing their services, have successfully claimed they are ‘workers’ before the courts.

Stop press: ECJ rules on headscarf ban in the workplace


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has delivered its judgment in two cases concerning the wearing of Islamic headscarves in the workplace.

Divorce advice: who gets the family pet?


There is a popular belief that divorce courts have some authority to deal with a pet. While this is true to an extent, how the court actually deals with a pet on divorce may surprise some.

Civil partnerships for heterosexual couples denied


The Court of Appeal has rejected a heterosexual couple’s case to have a civil partnership instead of marriage.

Neighbourhood Planning Bill: Et tu, Archbishop?


The Neighbourhood Planning Bill is due for its third and final reading on 15 March. It had a relatively untroubled run through the report stage but there are two opposition amendments that are worth being aware of.

Supreme Court refuses British Gas permission to appeal


According to a UNISON press release, the Supreme Court has refused to grant British Gas permission to appeal the Court of Appeal decision in the case of Lock v British Gas, concerning the calculation of statutory holiday pay.

Gender on divorce finance


The Court of Appeal has been asked to look into a matrimonial settlement of a high-earning couple, where the majority of the assets were earned by the wife during a short marriage.

Microsoft and Google: Voluntary code on piracy


The creative industries, mainly led by the film and music industries, have long complained about the failure of search engine providers, such as Google and Microsoft (which owns Bing), to address the issue of internet piracy.

Children’s booster seats – New Law from 1 March 2017


The law regarding children’s booster seats is to change from 1 March 2017. Currently children must sit in a car seat up to 12 years or 135 centimetres tall

Mobile phone users beware


From 1 March 2017 the much publicised change in the law will increase the penalty for drivers using a hand held mobile phone to £200 fine and six penalty points.

Essential Trustee February 2017 - Training for Trustees


It is vital that all charity trustees and senior managers within charities know and understand the role, duties and responsibilities of trustees.

Immigration Update - February 2017


Be prepared - Immigration Skills Charge coming into force 6th April 2017

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