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What can you learn from Gordon Ramsay?


Generally there are lots of positive stories showing the advantages of working with members of your family. Perhaps Gordon Ramsay felt this way when he first allowed his father-in-law to become his business manager and the chief executive of the Ramsay Group of companies …

A cautionary divorce tale for family businesses


A recently reported case has shown how divorce can undermine the careful succession plans made a number of years before with the advice of lawyers and accountants.

Want to be ‘in construction’? Maybe you already are...


The construction industry is a diverse one with its boundaries not always clear. Builders are obviously a part. Architects: equally so. But the line can become blurred – what about the installers of a conveyor belt system for a factory?

No room for uncertainty with consultant’s terms and conditions


A recent case has reaffirmed the danger of not agreeing from the outset the basis on which a consultant (or indeed anyone) will be employed on a construction project.

Mediation, like it or not!


Mediation is a voluntary process, where parties by their own free will, agree to attempt to settle their dispute outside of litigation or arbitration with the help of an independent party: a mediator.

EU Regulations on allergen food labelling


Matthew Gowen discusses the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011 (EU FIC)

Ex-wife is entitled to financial claim 31 years after separation


Birketts' Karen Pritchard discusses settlements after lengthy separations

Good news for creditors of failing businesses.


The ability of insolvency practitioners to bring court proceedings against dishonest directors/business owners has been made easier

Beach can be a village green, just not this time


Nigel Farthing discusses the decision of the Supreme Court on the application for the registration of part of the beach at Newhaven as a town and village green (TVG)

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - German national minimum wage law


On 1 January 2015, the German Government implemented a new law (Mindestlohngesezt), applying a blanket gross national minimum wage of €8.50

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Changes to driving licences


From 8 June 2015, the photo card licence counterpart (the paper part of your licence) will no longer be valid and the counterpart will no longer be issued by the DVLA.

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Drivers’ hours rules to change


Changes are afoot for some vehicles as a result of a new EU regulation coming into force on 2 March 2015.

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Proposed new sentencing guidelines


Why they matter to the road transport industry

Grandparents’ rights to ‘contact’


The Justice Minister, Simon Hughes, has recently confirmed that there were on average seven applications to court every day last year made by grandparents seeking contact with their grandchildren.

Immigration Update - February 2015


Immigration update

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