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Health and safety on site


HSE’s construction inspectors recently carried out unannounced site visits in an initiative aimed at targeting poor standards and unsafe practices.

Workplace transport - the winding road to getting it right


According to HSE statistics, each year there are over 5,000 accidents involving transport in the workplace and approximately 50 of these result in a death.

The new sentencing guidelines for health and safety cases involving death


In mid-November the Sentencing Council (SC) published its draft proposals for new sentencing guidelines in health and safety offences (and other offences).

City Link Administration fallout


Strong opinions being voiced over the timing of the appointment of the Administrators and delay prior to the announcement.

Invoice fraud is on the up; protect your business with these simple steps


Despite invoice fraud now being fairly old news, a recent spike in activity is making it a very current threat to businesses.

Building ‘sustainable development’ in harmony with the countryside


A planning law battle is taking place between the residents of a Gloucestershire village and Gladman Developments.

Commercial agreements: the Ebola crisis and force majeure


The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that almost 5,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa and more than 13,500 have been confirmed this year.

Construction contracts and third party rights - who can commence adjudication?


A recent case in the Technology and Construction Court has shed rare light on the strength of third party rights.

Dark days are over?


The darkest days of the recession may be over, but the construction industry remains in uncertain economic times.

Biggest divorce award in English legal history? - The outcome


Ms Cooper-Hohn argued that she should receive one half of the couple’s wealth. Her lawyers argued that ...

Sent to Coventry - noise nuisance explained


It seems a little odd that a dispute between the operator of a speedway track in Mildenhall and the owners of a (presently) uninhabitable house about half a mile away could find themselves in the highest court in the land not once but twice in the same year1 but appear they have.

Conflicting claims to private residence: it’s the law, but is it fair?


In recent weeks we have had two decisions handed down from the Supreme Court, essentially on the fairness of conflicting claims to private residences.

Court orders internet service providers to block websites selling counterfeit goods


In a landmark test case, the High Court has ordered the five big internet service providers (ISPs) to block access to six websites selling counterfeit goods.

Wyke Farms claims first social media trademark


Wyke Farms is certainly not the first business to use social media as part of its marketing strategy but it does claim to be the first to have secured a trade mark registration based on the popularity of a social media campaign.

Succession - ownership and leadership?


Succession is generally held to be the most significant management issue for a family business.

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