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Agricultural Brief - Look before you ... loan


In a recent case a family farming business has unwittingly found itself in court in connection with a series of loans that it made to an individual

Class action on latest ministerial statement reopens the West Berkshire debate


A formal pre-action protocol letter has just been served on the Government on behalf of 18 developers and property companies in relation to the most recent ministerial statement on neighbourhood plans and housing need.

Agricultural Brief - Health and safety on farms


With high numbers of fatalities agriculture remains one of the riskiest industry sectors: there were 29 people killed between 2015-2016.

Agricultural Brief - Don't get off my land


What happens if you build on someone else’s land?

Agricultural Brief - Protection against new Public Rights of Way


S31.6 of the Highways Act 1980 provides a means by which landowners can protect themselves against informal public use of a route

Agricultural Brief - What’s in the Deregulation Act 2015 - Part 2


We wrote in the previous edition of Agriculture Brief that 1 April 2016 was to bring a new dawn for public rights of way.

Agricultural Brief - SSSI designations and the impact on landowners


A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - site designated as being of special interest under Section 28(1)(b) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Agricultural Brief - Not wearing a helmet could cost you!


It is extremely important that employers ensure all their employees receive sufficient training on any vehicle they are required to drive for work purposes.

New Year, New Regulations…


January looks set to be busy for planning, with a White Paper on Housing imminent, the NPPF review well overdue and the Neighbourhood Planning Bill.

Charity trustees in breach of duty by entering into onerous fundraising agreement


The Charity Commission has published a report on its inquiry into Hospice Aid UK. The findings included that the former charity trustees had breached their duties and not acted in the charity's best interests by entering into a fundraising agreement on unfavourable and onerous terms.

Court of Appeal confirms legal status of residents of almshouses as licensees not tenants


The Court of Appeal has confirmed that residents of almshouses occupy as licensees only and not as tenants with security of tenure.

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Drug driving update


In March 2015 legislation was introduced to make it an offence to drive with specified levels of certain drugs in your system

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - abandoned containers


The Court of Appeal held that where the commercial purpose of a contract becomes impossible to complete, that contract may automatically end

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Driving whilst fatigued


Matthew Gowen recently attended a briefing in London where the new Chair of HSE, Martin Temple, spoke on a number of wide ranging issues

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Brexit in a bottle


It’s easy to sound Cassandra-ish about the ramifications of Brexit. Whilst the UK’s relationship with Europe will no doubt change, three areas will remain

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