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Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Driving whilst fatigued


Matthew Gowen recently attended a briefing in London where the new Chair of HSE, Martin Temple, spoke on a number of wide ranging issues

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Brexit in a bottle


It’s easy to sound Cassandra-ish about the ramifications of Brexit. Whilst the UK’s relationship with Europe will no doubt change, three areas will remain

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - "Catch me on my mobile"


It has recently been reported by the BBC that the police are embarking on a week-long crackdown on the use of mobile phones whilst driving

Road Transport and Logistics Briefing - Road Transport Forum


In the new year we will be hosting a Road Transport Forum in Felixstowe for some key transport companies.

Regulators remind charities of the need to ensure compliance with data protection legislation


The Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator have issued a joint alert reminding trustees of their data protection responsibilities.

Charity legacies: the case of Ilott v. Mitson


Charities that rely upon legacy income are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the landmark Supreme Court appeal in the case of Ilott v. Mitson. The outcome could result in a surge of adult beneficiaries making claims against their parents’ estates where substantial sums have been left to charity.

Charity Commission issues guidance on its new powers


The Charity Commission has published guidance and further information on its new ‘Official Warning power’ and its new ‘Discretionary Disqualification power’. Both of the new powers were introduced under the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

Data Protection 2016 round-up


2016 has seen several changes to the data protection landscape. Notable developments have included the publication of the final text of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in April, the approval of the EU-US Privacy Shield in July and Google reaching a settlement with the claimants in the case of Google v Vidal-Hall, leaving the Court of Appeal’s decision in place.

Immigration Update - December 2016


This month's immigration update features articles covering immigration appeal fees, dismissal for failure to provide evidence of right to work and more.

Employment Law Update - Quick Fire! - December 2016


Revised Gender Pay Gap Regulations, reforms to employment tribunals, increases to statutory payments and more are covered in this month's Quick Fire!

Employment Law Update - “Manifestly inappropriate”


The EAT considered the fairness of a dismissal when a final written warning was “manifestly inappropriate”.

Employment Law Update - Procedural defects in misconduct investigation


The EAT considered whether procedural defects in an investigation into serious misconduct were capable of being remedied during the internal appeal process.

Employment Law Update - Right to rest breaks


The EAT has considered whether an employee was denied his right to a rest break under the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR)

Employment Law Update - Assault on employee following Christmas party


The High Court held that a company was not vicariously liable for the assault of one of its employees by a director following a Christmas party.

Ho-Ho-Housing supply


Gavin Barwell added a new factor to the complex and competing claims of development proposals, neighbourhood plans and local plans

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