Motor Matters - Legal / regulatory snippets / updates

Published: 05/04/2016

  • Impact felt on claims under new 30-day right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act 2015?
    We had a number of dealer clients asking for advice on potential areas of concern before it came into force on 1 October 2015 but there have been very few actual problems / claims come across our desks – so far!

  • FCA regime
    After lots of FCA compliance activity - and press commentary - it appears from our dealer clients that in general it has all gone pretty quiet and many are waiting for the spotlight to turn from insurers etc on to the motor sector so we all continue to watch this space.

  • Deposits - beware!
    As you will no doubt have seen in the trade press a Pendragon Porsche Centre in Bolton has been ordered to pay £35,000 compensation (as well as £50,000 in legal costs) to a customer who put down a £10,000 deposit but saw the car sold to someone else. We gather quite a few dealers’ deposit taking policies etc have been hastily re-drafted!
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