Agency and distribution

Selecting the right sales network and distribution strategy is key to many businesses. We have the experience and expertise to advise our clients on the strategy most suited to their market and needs.


We advise on the terms of distribution agreements, whether the client is the supplier or the distributor, and whether both parties are based in the UK, or one or both is overseas.

Our commercial team has the expertise to advise on all the aspects of competition and intellectual property law that commonly arise in distribution arrangements. The ability of suppliers to impose restrictions on their distributors is subject to legal restraints which need to be carefully considered. We have the experience to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, our clients' interests are best protected.

In addition to drafting and negotiating new distribution agreements, we are commonly asked to review existing documentation and advise upon the rights and obligations of the parties to them.


The impact of the Commercial Agents Regulations is such that principals can fall into a number of liability traps when appointing or terminating agents, or even just varying the terms of their appointment. Likewise, agents are often unaware of the full extent of their rights under the Regulations. We have extensive experience advising on the terms of agency agreements. Our international resources enable us to advise upon the impact of the Regulations both in domestic and international arrangements.

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