The use of outsourcing arrangements has increased significantly over recent years, both onshore and offshore, but the number of outsourcing projects which fail to live up to expectations remains high.

Birketts LLP attracts praise for providing ‘a London style of service not available at many regional firms’ and for its ‘excellent value for money’. Legal 500 | UK 2016

Our wide ranging experience of advising on outsourcing projects includes front and back office functions, facilities management, call centres, IT infrastructure and services, data processing, application services, first and second generation logistics and manufacturing. We quickly grasp the practical issues that need to be addressed for both parties to enable the project to succeed and be properly documented. We understand that outsourcing agreements are generally intended to be long term, but they need to meet clients' current needs now. They must also be flexible enough to reflect changing needs and means of delivery over time. Outsourcing agreements must be robust enough to ensure clarity of what each party is to deliver, and when - with appropriate remedies for failure.

Whether you are a provider of outsourcing services or you are proposing to outsource any aspect of your business to a supplier, or you need advice on an existing outsourcing arrangement, our commercial team is able to assist you. If any aspect of the outsourcing is offshore, we are able to offer our international services.

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