We are committed to behaving responsibly and to minimising our impact on the environment.  We are members of the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). We involve ourselves in environmental, conservation and improvement projects and actively promote environmentally sound procedures and behaviours in our staff, amongst colleagues, clients, business partners and outsourced suppliers. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing our carbon emissions and footprint through the following actions:

  • Complying with all current environmental legislation in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Minimising waste production, ensuring the efficient use of our resources and adopting sensible recycling policies in respect of our paper and food consumption, including a less paper office and reduced printing strategy;
  • Integrating environmental issues with all aspects of decision making within the firm;
  • Promoting energy efficiency and environmental awareness and responsibility amongst our employees;
  • Using suppliers that have a recognised environmental policy;
  • Setting achievable and measurable targets for energy and resource consumption.