Rugby World Cup – making the most of your premises licence

01 July 2019

The Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan between 20 September - 2 November, and represents an ideal opportunity for businesses to boost their trade. Now is the perfect time to have a good look at your premises licence to ensure that your business maximises that opportunity.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have all qualified so a significant amount of local interest can be expected. With Japan being nine hours ahead most matches will start between 8:00am -11:00am. Whilst some premises licence will have a condition allowing you to show international sporting events and to conduct licensable activities during that period, most will likely require a temporary event notice (TEN) to enable you to sell alcohol at some of the home nation games. Our advice is to check your licence now to see what permission you have. 


If a TEN is required careful consideration will need to be given to how to maximise their use. You might not want to show every match (or conduct the licensable activities that accompany it) and not every match will require one to allow the premises to open and/or sell alcohol... but a fairly significant number of matches will.

If the Home Nations are as successful as we hope they are and advance through the stages then your TENs might run out (the number of times a TEN may be given for a particular premises is 15 per calendar year*). If you factor in that the final, both semi-finals and two of the quarterfinals will all kick off at 9:00am or earlier, then careful consideration should be given to this now.


Alternatively you could apply for a permanent variation to your premises licence to allow more flexibility for such events going forward. Such an application would need to be dealt with by way of a major variation*. The minor variation route will not apply as you cannot use a minor variation* to extend your hours for the sale/supply of alcohol. 

Our dedicated Licensing Team will be able to advise you should you wish to make any of the applications referred to above. 


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