A Notary Public is a qualified lawyer and is a member of a specialised branch of the legal profession. A Notary is an independent officer and must not do anything to compromise this independence.

If you are involved in a legal transaction with another country, it is likely that a Notary will be needed at some stage to witness documents or certify information. The Notary will verify to the authorities in that country that relevant checks have been carried out, that the document has been properly signed and that it will be effective in the country it is being sent to.

Many countries also require documents to be legalised once they have been signed and sealed by the Notary. Legalisation is a further process to ensure that the document is valid in the relevant country. The requirements for legalisation will depend on the country but will always involve the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It may be necessary for the document also to be legalised by the applicable Consulate. Our notary can deal with these legalisation requirements on your behalf.

There is often some urgency when Notarial services are required and our Notary can usually be available at short notice if necessary.