The lawful collection, use and sale of personal information is increasingly valuable to businesses.

Many of today's businesses have the collection and exploitation of personal data as their sole purpose.

The range of UK and EU regulations relating to data protection, freedom of information and privacy, combined with the ever increasing public awareness of an individual's rights, means that all businesses need to ensure that the way they collect personal information, and thereafter use it, is lawful. Our experienced lawyers are able to provide practical advice, tailored to the needs of your business, on:

  • database rights and management
  • privacy policies and the appropriate technical facilities for collection of personal data, whether online or otherwise
  • the lawful use of personal data for marketing and advertising purposes
  • employer/employee personal data issues
  • Freedom of Information Act compliance, rights and obligations
  • international transfers of personal data, safe harbour agreements, binding corporate rules, and model contract clauses
  • data security
  • compliance with UK and EU data protection laws.