Do your trustees:

  • understand the legal structure of your charity?
  • understand the nature and extent of their role as charity trustees?
  • have a good understanding of the public benefit requirement and how to ensure that the charity continues to meet it?
  • understand the main reporting requirements for your charity?


This module provides charity trustees with essential legal training to enable them to fulfil their legal duties as charity trustees.

It is vital that all charity trustees and senior managers within charities know and understand the role, duties and responsibilities of trustees.

The Charity Commission expects all charities to include in their Annual Report the steps that have been taken to ensure that all trustees have received appropriate training. This module provides trustees with the essential training required to effectively carry out their roles.

Learning outcomes

The objective of this module is to ensure that delegates:

  • understand their core legal duties as charity trustees
  • understand the key elements and make-up of your charity’s governing document and why it is important
  • are aware of the public benefit requirement and understand how to ensure that your charity carries out its purposes for the public benefit
  • are aware of the main reporting obligations and regulations with which the charity must comply.

Course outline

  1. Trustee duties: an overview
  2. Compliance with your governing document
  3. Understanding the public benefit requirement
  4. Key reporting obligations and accountability

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