Are you aware of: 

  • the most common areas for disputes in construction projects?
  • the different options which are available for the resolution of disputes in construction projects and how they work?
  • the differences between arbitration and adjudication?  Yes, they are not the same thing!
  • basic steps which can be taken to mitigate the risks associated with disputes in construction projects?


This module will provide training on the fundamental principles of how the main dispute resolution forums for construction disputes operate, namely litigation; arbitration and adjudication. It will provide an explanation of the key differences between these differing forums and when it is appropriate to use each of them. 

The module will help delegates to understand the warning signs leading up to a dispute and explain some practical steps which can be taken to protect your position.

Learning outcomes 

The objective of this workshop is to ensure that delegates: 

  • understand the basic principles of the key dispute resolution forums which are commonly used in construction
  • know which forum to use for which type of dispute
  • gain an understanding of how Adjudication - the fast-track dispute resolution procedure which is specific to construction  - operates in practice. 

Course outline

  1. Litigation
    • Pre-action steps
    • Mediation and ADR
    • Court process
    • Legal costs
    • Trial process and appeals
  2. Arbitration
    • Differences to litigation
  3. Adjudication
    • The process
    • Timescales
    • The decision
    • Post-decision actions and process / Enforcement
    • Key cases

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