Are you aware of: 

  • the fundamental principles of the widely used JCT industry standard form building contracts?
  • what the myriad different forms of contract within the JCT suite are for and when they should and should not be used?
  • the amendments which are commonly made to JCT contracts – which ones are acceptable in the market place and which are not?
  • the reasons for the 2016 changes to the JCT suite of contracts and how they could impact upon your future projects? 


This module will provide training on the fundamental principles of how JCT contracts work and the key differences between the JCT 2011 suite of contracts and the new 2016 suite. It will explain what the reasons were behind the changes, and what they really mean to employers and contractors when negotiating a contract. 

Employers and contractors are currently still able to use the 2011 suite, however it is inevitable that the 2016 suite will soon take over and will be the only JCT suite in use for new contracts. Therefore, now is the time to get all the necessary information about the changes for future projects.

Learning outcomes 

The objective of this workshop is to ensure that employers and contractors: 

  • understand the basic tenets of the JCT suite of contracts
  • know which contracts to use for which type and value of project
  • understand the consequences of failing to complete the contract particulars correctly
  • appreciate the key differences between JCT 2011 and JCT 2016 suites and why the changes were introduced.

Course outline

  1. JCT – the basics
    • Explanation of format and key sections of the contract 
    • Which contract to use and when
  2. JCT 2016
    • What has changed and why
    • Transitional arrangements
  3. Payment
    • Interim application mechanism
    • Post PC
    • Loss and expense
  4. Bond and guarantees
  5. Collateral warranties and Third Party Rights under JCT
  6. Insurance 
    • Options A, B and C
    • Fit out projects
  7. Termination
    • Employer rights
    • Contractor rights
    • Consequences of getting it wrong

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