Disputes relating to contracts

The Common Law of Contract and its statutory additions and modifications lies at the heart of business dealings of all kinds. While superficially there is much about this area of law that conforms to 'common sense' or customary dealing, when disputes arise the full complexities of the law can emerge.

These complexities frequently arise from the tension created by two sometimes competing objectives of the law: to do justice to the parties and to maintain principles founded upon general commercial convenience and consistency.

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Advising on contractual issues is mainstream work for most of our contentious lawyers. For those involved in certain areas of practice such as Construction and Shipping it forms a major part of their practice. Those concerned with general commercial matters advise on a wide range of agreements.

The Law of Contract constantly evolves by judicial decisions. Our lawyers keep up to date with developments in their field and are well placed to advise on the interpretation of contracts and to advise on the management of disputes that can arise. If litigation is inevitable they have the experience to take cases to trial and, if necessary, to appeal.

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