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Whilst the Coronavirus pandemic put a temporary hold on our live audience seminars and events, our legal experts have continued to deliver a series of webinars and informational videos to keep you up to date.

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About Birketts

Family arbitration at Birketts

Divorce practicalities

An introduction to Birketts Contentious Trusts and Probate Team

Birketts Family Law Team and Settify

Birketts’ SEIS and EIS checker app

The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act (TOLATA) – Birketts’ Property Litigation Team

Applying for a Vacation Scheme and becoming a Trainee Solicitor

Birketts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Employee Ownership Day – Birketts

Best Employers Eastern Region 2021

Birketts and The Cumbrian Challenge

Birketts charity webinars

Contract exposure: managing risks in legally binding agreements

An introduction to the Charities Act 2022

Mergers and collaborative working – key considerations

Understanding conflicts of interest

An introduction to the Charity Governance Code

Updating charity governing documents

Birketts corporate and commercial videos

Birketts’ in conversation with David McDowall of BrewDog

Birketts construction webinars

Construction and engineering law spring update webinar

Construction and engineering law update – winter 2021

Construction law summer update webinar

Nothing is certain except death and taxes – payment notices in construction contracts

The sub contract games! Ten key clauses to watch out for

The pitfalls of adjudication

Cashflow is the lifeblood of the construction industry

Birketts employment webinars and legal updates

Ask the experts about Employee Ownership Trusts – webinar with Birketts, FRP and J Gadd Associates

Translating Trans – Transgender rights in the workplace

Employment early bird webinar – Bending over backwards? Flexible working as the new normal

EU and the UK: The Trade and Cooperation Agreement webinar

Restrictive covenants webinar – January 2021

Birketts employment early bird webinar: Terminated! Are you sure?

Birketts employment early bird webinar: Employee conduct outside the workplace

Birketts employment webinar: homeworking – the new normal

Managing equality and diversity issues – legal advice for employers

Birketts’ expertise in Employee Ownership

Furloughed – what employers should consider next?

Birketts equality, diversity and inclusion e-learning course

Birketts family owned business webinars

How family mediation can help you and your family

East Anglia Family Business Virtual Forum

Birketts intellectual property webinars

Putting your best IP foot forward

Birketts litigation and debt recovery webinars

Debt recovery – getting your money

Birketts planning and environmental webinars

Spring builders’ brunch webinar – passive fire protection

Builders’ brunch summer series – part 2 – October 2021

Builders’ brunch summer series – part one – July 2021

Spring builders’ brunch webinar – March 2021

The new planning regime: the implications for strategic land and landowners

The planning whitepaper – what will it mean for LPAs?

Housebuilders webinar – builders’ brunch

Birketts property webinars and updates

Ipswich property webinar with BDO, Birketts and Fenn Wright

Signing legal documents during COVID-19

Sustainable water and waste water treatment solutions webinar with Gurney Environmental and Birketts

Rights of Way webinar: That’s my right of way! An introduction to Private and Public Rights of Way

Birketts LLP and Selborne Chambers – Property Litigation Webinar

Birketts, Fenn Wright and BDO – Ipswich property webinar

Birketts, Roche and Price Bailey – Annual property webinar 10 November 2020

Birketts shipping webinars

Voyage Charterparties – Demurrage

Voyage Charterparties – Bills of Lading: Freight, Liens and clauses paramount

Voyage Charterparties – Laytime

Voyage Charterparties – Responsibility for cargo operations and stevedores

Choice of ports, berths and destination

Voyage charterparties – Delivery, cancellation and frustration

Time charters and bills of lading

Speed and consumption claims

Responsibility for cargo claims

Off-hire and damages

The obligation to pay hire and the right of withdrawal

The duration of the charter

Owners’ obligations and Charterers’ rights

Introduction to time charters and English Law

Birketts social housing webinars

Summer social housing webinar – June 2021

Spring social housing webinar – part one

Spring social housing webinar – part two

Leasehold management masterclass – part 1

Leasehold management masterclass – part 2

Disrepair masterclass – part 1

Disrepair masterclass – part 2

Social housing webinar – 8 October 2020