Employment Law Update - Shortage occupation list: MAC call for evidence

18 December 2018

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) issued a call for evidence on 9 November 2018 in respect of the shortage occupation list.

Employers wishing to sponsor Tier 2 migrants for roles included on the list are not required to undertake the Resident Labour Market test, or meet the five-year salary threshold for settlement (currently £35,500). Shortage occupation roles are also given priority when deciding who should be awarded restricted Certificates of Sponsorship.

In June 2018, the Government commissioned the MAC to carry out a full review of the shortage occupation list and to report in spring of 2019. The MAC is changing its approach for this review and has announced that it will focus on specific job titles rather than broader occupations.

The list is currently limited to roles that are skilled to RQF level 6 or above. However, the MAC is inviting evidence regarding all occupations and job titles at RQF 1 and above, to ascertain more widely what national shortages there are within the UK, in case the Government is minded to accept their previous recommendation to widen the Tier 2 visa scheme to jobs at RQF level 3 and above.
In order to assess which occupations and job titles should be retained on the list and which further ones should be added to the list, the MAC will use both national data and evidence submitted by stakeholders.

The MAC asks that all respondents to this call for evidence complete an online form by 11:45pm on 6 January 2019. See: www.gov.uk/government/consultations/shortage-occupation-list-2018-call-for-evidence.

For further information please contact Clare Hedges or Janice Leggett in our Immigration Team.

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