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03 June 2021

Readers might think that the majority of our work involves Health and Safety Investigations, Public Inquiries and Transport Regulatory work and to an extent, they would be right. However, the Birketts Team also advises in relation to Coroner’s Inquests.

Whilst it is never a pleasant thing to think about, the death of a loved one, colleague or employee can be unimaginably harder when the cause of death is unclear. In this instance, a fact-finding inquiry known as an inquest into the cause and circumstances of a death might be held. The Coroner’s and Justice Act 2009 sets out that a coroner must hold an inquest where:

  • after a post-mortem, the cause of death is still unknown
  • the person might have died a violent or unnatural death
  • the person might have died in prison or police custody.

The Birketts Regulatory Team has extensive experience of complicated and multi-handed Coroner’s Inquests representing companies, families and individuals. Our experience combined with a practical empathetic approach has led the team to achieving answers in the most difficult of circumstances.

Recent examples include:

  • representing health care providers following deaths of individuals in their care
  • a complex two week inquest concerning the death of a three year old girl after a bouncy castle exploded
  • a technically complicated, multi-handed, inquest concerning the deaths of four individuals in a construction accident
  • representing the family in an inquest following a death at work.

This isn’t all that the Regulatory and Corporate Defence Team can help you with. We also advise individuals in relation to: 

  • private criminal defence
  • motoring offences
  • white collar investigations.

Combining the skills of solicitors, barristers, practical experts and a paralegal, our team partners with both corporate and individual clients, supporting them through every stage of their case and offering the highest standard of advice and representation.

For further information please contact Julie Gowland or another member of the Regulatory and Corporate Defence Team.

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