Charity Trustee Induction and Refresher Training

Charity Trustee Induction and Refresher Training

Welcome to our free Charity Trustee Induction and Refresher Training course.

This course provides charity trustees (both new and experienced) with essential legal training to enable them to comply with law and best practice in fulfilling their duties and furthering the success of your charity.

We have designed the course in response to your feedback so that it is as flexible and user-friendly as possible and can be incorporated into your charity’s trustee induction programme. The training is delivered as a series of bitesize webinar modules to allow you to dip in and out of the course in your own time at your convenience. You can also revisit modules from time to time if needed.

We hope you find the training useful. We also deliver a rolling programme of webinars throughout the year on a variety of topics. To view our previous webinars, please visit the Charity Law Playlist on our Birketts YouTube channel.

To access the training, please enter your details below. After watching the webinar modules you will see that there is the option to get in touch with the Charities Team if you would like to suggest topics for future webinars in our rolling programme, to leave us feedback or a testimonial on the training course, or if you have any questions or issues on which you require advice and would like to request a call-back from a member of the team.

Module 1: Introduction to charitable status

An overview of the meaning of “charity” in law and explains the important public benefit requirement and its relevance to your duties as charity trustees.

Module 2: Understanding your governing documents

Explaining the different legal forms and types of governing documents, the key elements and make-up of governing documents, and why this is important to understand.

Module 3: Introduction to charity regulation

A high-level overview of key aspects of charity law and regulation, including accounting and reporting obligations and an introduction to the Code of Governance.

Module 4: The six core duties of charity trustees

Demystifying the duties of charity trustees, including practical guidance on how to comply with your duties on a day-to-day basis.

Module 5: Employment status issues for charities

An overview of the legal difference between a volunteer and an employee, the legal risks in getting it wrong and how to avoid the potential pitfalls.

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