Commercial Contracts

Commercial Contracts

This interactive full day workshop deals with the various aspects of commercial contracts in business to business arrangements. The training objectives are to allow delegates to: 

  • obtain a good understanding and appreciate the key parts of commercial contracts
  • identify risks contained within a commercial contract before it is entered into
  • take a best practice approach to reviewing commercial contracts.

Course overview

  1. Entering into commercial contracts
    • how contracts are entered into
    • who are the parties
    • commencement date
  2. Performance obligations
    • what, where, how and when
    • level of obligations (unqualified, best endeavours, reasonable endeavours)
    • good faith
    • changing obligations
  3. Payment obligations
    • how payment is calculated
    • how payment is made
    • increasing the price
    • payment protection and retention of title
  4. Liability
    • limiting and capping liability
    • statutory controls
    • indemnities
  5. Usual standard clauses
    • termination
    • consequences of termination
    • confidentiality
  6. Boilerplate clauses
    • entire agreement
    • force majeure
    • assignment
    • set-off
    • dispute resolution
    • law and jurisdiction

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