Clients are always at the forefront of our thinking.

It is important to us that our clients receive legal advice of the highest quality and that they enjoy working with us. Everyone at Birketts, whatever their role, takes pride in meeting the high client service standards which underpin our reputation. Those standards revolve around five key principles:

  1. Managing client expectations. Giving our clients certainty rather than unpleasant surprises; being transparent and upfront about timetables, processes, outcomes and costs.
  2. Quality and professionalism. Not just satisfying clients, but demonstrating service excellence that is impressive and outshines the expected. 
  3. Value for money. Ensuring our clients receive value for their money when comparing the level of our fees to the value or importance of the work delivered.
  4. Easy to get hold of and easy to deal with. Being clear and succinct in our communications; being available, responsive and proactive.
  5. Great rapport. Listening to our clients, understanding what they need and why, and partnering with them to achieve their ambitions and objectives.

Our performance against those principles is continually measured through formal feedback sessions with our clients undertaken by our CEO or by partners independent of the immediate client relationship.