In common with all professional practices and financial institutions, we are required to obtain verification of your identity and address to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations, if you are a new client or if we have not taken instructions from you for some time.

You will be required to provide this information, which we will need to check, before we are able to proceed with your matter. For most people this will mean bringing in a current passport or photographic driving licence, verification of your address and date of birth. As part of the verification process we may use electronic reference agencies to search sources of information relating to you.

The Regulations also require us to identify ultimate beneficial owners and shareholders, as follows:

Limited Companies:

  • evidence of identity and address of a director;
  • name and address of shareholders, and confirmation of voting rights/shareholding, evidence of identity may also be required for individuals owning more than 25% of the company.


  • list of all partners;
  • evidence of identity and address of at least two partners;
  • copy of current partnership deed, confirmation of voting rights and who owns the equity.


  • list of all trustees;
  • evidence of identity and address of all trustees;
  • copy of document establishing the trust and appointing trustees;
  • list of beneficiaries of the trust, with confirmation of their share of the equity;
  • list of any settlor or protector.

There may be occasions when we will require further information and evidence of identity depending on the circumstances.

In order to minimise any delay caused by the need to comply with these Regulations, please ensure we have the required documents and information as soon as possible.