Birketts’ Shaping Excellence Team launch remote training offering

22 April 2020

Birketts are proud to announce that its Shaping Excellence Team are now able to deliver their full suite of training courses remotely, ensuring full flexibility for companies affected by the pandemic and furloughed employees alike. 

Despite the challenges presented by the nationwide shift towards remote working, the Team have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that the popular and highly regarded training sessions can still continue to take place for organisations impacted by COVID-19. By adapting the exercises used to facilitate learning in a training room environment such as group discussion, the Team have been able to deliver the same expert sessions without losing any of the benefits offered by a face-to-face learning experience.

For clients wondering how to make the best of an under-utilised employee contingent, Birketts’ expert training sessions offer a pragmatic way to use this time. Enrolling furloughed staff on one of these training courses is a smart way to ensure that employees will be ready to hit the ground running with a range of new skills and specialist knowledge as soon as normalcy is resumed.

As long as they have a device which offers internet access, such as a laptop, phone or tablet, employees can complete the training from home as part of their regular day-to-day activities. Providing that the pay they receive for the training is equal to the national minimum wage, in many cases a furloughed employee’s pay (or the majority of it) will be covered by the Government grant.

Sam Greenhalgh, Senior Associate in Birketts’ Employment Team commented: “Birketts knows only too well the kinds of anxieties organisations are experiencing during this unprecedented time. To ensure that businesses have everything they need to keep their edge during this period, we have tailored our suite of e-learning solutions to meet the challenges of remote working. The interactive elements of these training courses (such as group discussion and break-out sessions) are central to the success of our bespoke programme, and we have worked hard to keep this energy at the heart of what we offer. Training sessions like these are an essential exercise for organisations seeking to get ahead in the current climate, now more than ever.”

When planning face-to-face sessions, Birketts’ Shaping Excellence Team always take into account the individual client’s needs and tailor their approach accordingly. The same level of attention is applied to the development of remote sessions, with specific training requirements personalised as necessary. Sessions can be offered within a fixed timescale or in bite sized modules (whatever suits clients and delegates), and both early morning and evening sessions are possible for participants who are flexing their working hours. This is ideal for those who need to structure sessions around pre-existing work commitments or child care needs.

For further information please contact Sam Greenhalgh or a member of the Shaping Excellence Team.