Birketts launches innovative tech-based system for family law clients

05 August 2019

The Family Team at Birketts is delighted to announce that it is one of the first family law teams in the country to have adopted Settify; an online system that uses Artificial Intelligence to interact with clients in real time.  

Settify allows clients to set out,  in detail and in response to prompts and questions, their relationship history as well as details of their family and other assets and income.  The client receives a free, personalised report on the family law issues relevant to their situation.  Birketts solicitors receive a different report providing them with much of the information they need to the provide the client with more focussed advice when they first meet.

Oliver Gravell, Partner and Head of Birketts' Family Team, explained: "We are embracing technology to provide clients with a better service while ensuring that our specialist family lawyers concentrate on what they are very good at; namely helping our clients through the family law process and advising on what information is needed to be able to discuss solutions and to negotiate a settlement.”

Oliver continued: “The Settify tool, which is accessible via the family law pages of our website, and on all of our family lawyers’ bespoke pages, begins with eight basic questions to help establish the key factors that the client is facing and generates a free, bespoke, report based upon their answers. Crucially, our family lawyers are able to consider clients’ circumstances ahead of our first meeting or phone call  so that we can provide in-depth assistance early on and spending our and our clients’ time on advice, options and strategy, rather than learning about the  background.”