Inside Out - Gender pay gap reporting

24 January 2019

This year’s deadline for employers of 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap data is fast approaching: 4 April 2019 (or 31 March 2019 for public sector employers).

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has recently published a new report, Closing the gender pay gap, based on research analysing 440 gender pay gap reports across various sectors. Only half of the employers in the sample group had provided a narrative alongside the data they are required to publish, and only 20% provided an action plan for taking steps to eliminate the gender pay gap.

The EHRC urges employers to provide narrative reports alongside the pay gap figures, which would provide them with the opportunity to publicly set out the reasons for the gap and state what measures they are taking to address it. The report includes examples of positive and concrete commitments made by employers to bring about change. It suggests that employers should refer to the GEO guide on practical steps for closing the gender pay gap.

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