Motor Matters - GDPR update for motor dealers

13 November 2018

Since the ‘GDPR live’ date of 25 May 2018, Birketts’ GDPR Team has seen quite a lot of businesses are still putting their compliance plans in place – or have not started - thankfully such culprits are mostly outside the motor sector!

For those who have put their compliance plans in place etc., the message from the ICO is very much that ‘GDPR compliance is an on-going matter’, and this has been reinforced by their enforcement action, where the number of ICO prosecutions since May 2018 has risen significantly – current ‘hot areas’ that we are seeing the ICO picking up on are:

  • non-compliance with marketing rules failure to pay the new ‘data protection fee’,
  • enforcement action for CCTV operation.

Another focus area for motor dealers who receive data from other parts of the EU is whether we get an ‘adequacy decision’ (that the UK’s legal data protection safeguards etc. are good enough for the EU to send data to) before Brexit in March 2019.

For further information please contact Kitty Rosser or another member of Birketts' Data Protection Team.

This article is from the winter 2018 issue of Motor Matters, our newsletter for those working within the motor industry. To download the latest issue, please visit the newsletter section of our website. Law covered as at November 2018.

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