Settify – a new intelligent IT solution to improve our clients’ experience

03 June 2021

The Birketts Private Client Team has joined forces with an award-winning provider of legal technology solutions.

The legal sector often has a reputation for being traditional, conservative and slow to change. By contrast, flexibility and client-service have always been at the heart of Birketts’ ethos. In a fast-moving world of technological development this includes a willingness to embrace new technologies if it would benefit our clients to do so.

Most people who have ever engaged a solicitor for advice about Wills and estate planning will be familiar with the traditional fact-finding approach – they will have experienced a combination of long inflexible questionnaires (probably with many irrelevant questions, and a lack of detail in the crucial areas) and lengthy information-gathering meetings with their solicitor. They will have spent a good deal of time before they even reached the stage of meaningful discussions and advice, not to mention paying for their solicitor’s time.

That’s why Birketts’ Private Client Team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Settify. The platform intelligently interacts with our clients online, providing them with customised, helpful information relevant to their affairs, and collects a full brief of their initial instructions. By adapting to client responses, Settify cuts out all the irrelevant questions and goes into much greater depth on the areas which are truly important for each client. Settify not only asks questions but uses the responses to recommend what further documents and information should be gathered before a meeting. This ensures that, not only is the process bespoke, relevant and efficient for each client (as well as being confidential and secure), but none of our clients’ time is wasted during meetings. We can begin giving targeted and meaningful advice much more quickly.

The Birketts Family Team introduced Settify in 2019 to overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients, and the Private Client Team has now begun introducing clients to the Settify process. Settify can be accessed on the Estate Planning and Wills page of the Birketts website and we look forward to sharing it with many more clients over coming months.

For further information please contact Tobias Gleed-Owen or another member of the Private Client Advisory Team.

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