Birketts offers advice and representation to any organisation affected by, or asked to provide evidence to or appear before, a Public Inquiry.

As an organisation you and/or other members of your organisation or staff may have been asked to provide written or oral evidence to a Public Inquiry as a result of your organisation’s involvement in events that are the subject of the Inquiry. Birketts recognises the particular strain this places on an organisation and has the experience and expertise to advise and assist in responding to requests for disclosure and witness statement evidence, and can represent your organisation, drafting any necessary submissions and appearing at hearings.

Daniel Irving has considerable experience through every stage of the process, from the initial request for evidence and/or disclosure, representation at the Inquiry and preparing for giving oral evidence, through to written submissions in relation to the report (the ‘Maxwellisation’ process).

He leads the team from Birketts currently representing a core participant to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry who gave three days of oral evidence to the Inquiry at the end of 2020. He offers clients the benefit of his extensive Public Inquiry experience having previously represented a former Cabinet Minister in their response to the Iraq Inquiry (the ‘Chilcot Inquiry’) and he subsequently served as junior counsel to the ongoing Public Inquiry into undercover policing.

The team is experienced in responding to requests for evidence under Rule 9 of the Inquiry Rules 2006, drafting witness statements, making applications for core participant status and drafting submissions in relation to any undertakings the Inquiry may seek from the Attorney General. Daniel Irving also has experience of Public Inquiries involving closed proceedings, including applications for anonymity and restriction orders over the disclosure of evidence. 

As a full service law firm with specialists across the breadth of practice areas, Birketts can offer expertise not only in Public Inquiry law, but also in the areas of law the subject matter of the Public Inquiry may touch on. Every client can expect technical excellence delivered with the highest standards of client care.

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Credit to the team for all the preparatory work carried out. On reflection, there wasn’t one topic that hadn’t been considered in the build up to giving evidence and this is testament to all of the hard work Daniel, Liam and Francesca have put in since inception. Daniel in particular has been and continues to be a calm, reassuring and conscientious presence.

Grenfell Tower Inquiry client