Marieke Schrauwers

Head of ESG and Sustainability

Marieke is Head of ESG and Sustainability and Deputy Chair of the Birketts’ Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG) Committee.

Working with the Chair of the ESG Committee and ESG pillar leads, her role encompasses the development and implementation of Birketts ESG strategy, ensuring that sustainability is woven into the fabric of all business operations, that Birketts inspires change and is an advocate for policies that reflect Birketts values and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

She works closely with the firm’s leadership and all departments to integrate ESG principles into their daily practices and decision-making processes as part of Birketts 2030 business strategy.

Before her current role Marieke has worked in our strategic development and client development departments and has over 20 years’ experience in professional services including working in the Middle East. She has depth of expertise in the areas of financial services and insurance, business intelligence, research and corporate strategy.  Marieke was on the project team when we started our transition from CSR to ESG in 2022, when we engaged an external ESG and sustainability consultancy, to help us to develop a new strategic approach to ESG. 

Marieke has previously worked in large international law firms and joined Birketts in April 2020 after the merger with EC3 Legal.

Marieke is based in our London office.

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