ESG at Birketts

Through our actions today and ambitions for a just tomorrow, we are empowering change, leading with purposeful governance, and fostering a progressive culture

Our ESG Strategy

We are committed to driving continual improvement in the development of our ESG programme. We started our transition from CSR to ESG in 2022, when we engaged an external ESG and sustainability consultancy to help us to develop a new strategic approach to ESG.

The first step was to understand our operating environment and conduct a double materiality assessment involving our people and our clients, to help us identify our priority ESG areas. Based on sector guidance and ESG standards, 17 ESG topics were identified as potentially important for the firm to address. We tested those topics with more than 350 internal stakeholders and clients. In addition to the stakeholder insights, a business impact assessment was conducted to identify the risks and opportunities associated with the ESG topics. The resulting matrix revealed six ESG topics for the firm to address: carbon emissions and clean energy; climate change; equity, diversity and inclusion; health and wellness; sustainable supply chain; and social impact.

We grouped these six priority topics, which form the basis of our strategy, into a four-pillar strategic framework: Environmental; Social; Governance; and CSR.

Our ESG framework addresses concerns that our internal stakeholders and clients identified as being important to them; it also aligns with our commercial risks and opportunities and adheres to universally recognised standards, ensuring comprehensive disclosure in our future reporting. Each of our pillars is complemented by relevant KPIs and targets, enabling us to monitor the progress of the implementation of our ESG strategy over time.

A key component of our ESG strategic framework has been the development of our ESG vision:

“Through our actions today and ambitions for a just tomorrow, we are empowering change, leading with purposeful governance, and fostering a progressive culture.”- Grace Kerr, Chair, ESG committee

Our ESG strategic framework

Environmental – minimising our environmental impact

Our objectives are to monitor and continuously improve our environmental performance to support the transition towards a net zero economy.

Key topics:

  • Carbon emissions and clean energy
  • Climate change.
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Social – inspiring our people

Birketts is dedicated to building a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Key topics:

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Health and wellness.

Governance – influencing positive change

Engage with internal and external stakeholders to  collaborate with and influence our valued partners to share best practice and be more sustainable.

Key topics:

  • Sustainable supply chain.
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CSR – enhancing our communities

Create and nurture relationships with community and charitable organisations, sharing our resources to support their endeavours and improve the lives of those who need it most.

Inspire and support our people to share their time and skills for positive change in the communities in which we work.

Key topics:

  • Social impact.
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For further information about our ESG activities please contact:

Grace Kerr Birketts Chelmsford Commercial Property Partner SQUARE IMAGE

Grace Kerr

Chair , ESG Committee

Marieke Schrauwers

Head of ESG and Sustainability
Deputy Chair, ESG Committee

Our latest CSR activities

Smart clothing drive

December 2023:  Firm-wide donation of interview-ready clothing for SmartWorks, Suited & Booted, New-U.

Outcome: 21 bags of interview-ready clothing for job seekers.

Walking Home for Christmas

December 2023:  Firm-wide sponsored walk, in support of Walking with the Wounded.

Outcome: £1,000 raised to fund therapy sessions and emergency food shops.

LandAid Cambridge Sleepout launch

January 2024: Networking event in support of the launch of LandAid’s Cambridge Sleep Out. 

Outcome: £400 raised and 12 Birketts volunteers for LandAid’s Cambridge Sleepout.

Kids Inspire Christmas Appeal, Chelmsford

December 2023:  Activity: Fund raising and gift donations in support of Kids Inspire. 

Outcome: £2,761 to fund mental health and trauma recovery support and a veritable mountain of toys.

Family Business Festive Food Parcel, Ipswich

December 2023:  Food parcel donations in support of Family Business United’s Festive Food Bank. 

Outcome: More than 11,966 food parcels distributed to communities in Suffolk. 

The Great Birketts Sleep Out

Ongoing (November 2023 – March 2024). Firm-wide initiative to spend a night outside in support of The Benjamin Foundation, CHESS Homeless, LandAid, Porchlight and the Whitechapel Mission.

Outcomes: £18,465 raised up to date to help combat widespread youth homelessness across East and South East of England

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