Shannon Lefevre


Shannon joined the Commercial Real Estate Utilities Team in the Ipswich office as a Team Administrator in June 2023 and since has moved to the role of Paralegal.

Working with developers and utility providers, Shannon completes initial title register reviews and checks for any restrictions affecting the land of the proposed development as well as obtaining any documentation for further review.

Shannon works closely with Utility providers and developers providing a clear understanding of the key aspects of land right utility transactions. These include the following documents for electricity substations, gas governors, fibre cabinets and water pumping stations:

  • freehold and leasehold acquisitions of operational land;
  • deeds of easement; and
  • variations and surrenders.

Given the often-tight deadlines involved with utility connections, Shannon adopts a proactive approach and will raise any potential issues with the client at the earliest opportunity, maintaining consistent communication throughout to keep our clients well informed.

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