IP licensing and commercial exploitation

IP Licensing and Commercial Exploitation

We know that protecting and enforcing intellectual property (IP) rights is a serious business, and that the exploitation of IP rights, once secured, represents a significant opportunity to generate revenue for any business.

We can assist you to identify your IP and to safeguard the value of your business by helping to protect these valuable assets.

Once safeguarded, IP rights can be bought and sold like any other asset, or they can be licensed to provide an ongoing revenue stream. We are able to assist in all aspects of the commercial exploitation of IP.

We have extensive experience of enforcing and protecting our clients’ IP rights both in the UK and internationally.

We offer the following services:

  • IP audits of trade marks, copyright, design and domain names.
  • Advice on the protection of intellectual property, whether through registered or unregistered rights.
  • Advice on copyright, database rights, confidential information and know-how issues.
  • Drafting and negotiating all types of commercial agreements for the exploitation of IP, whether it be in the form of patent licensing, IP assignments, software development, online data sharing, escrow arrangements, research and development, business process outsourcing, IP joint ventures, distribution and franchising.
  • Advice on IP law as it affects websites such as rights in the look and feel of a website, use of Google Adwords and metatags and domain name issues.
  • IP and technology litigation, including ADR.

In some cases, our clients prefer to rely on trade secrets to protect their valuable innovations. This means the inner workings of our clients’ technology need not be exposed to the wider world, as it would under patent protection. We prepare all types of non-disclosure agreements and advise clients on the law as it applies to confidential information and trade secrets.

We also assist clients in handling patent litigation in the UK courts and the European Patent Office and have direct experience in advising clients in North America and other jurisdictions on their patent rights both domestically and more widely.

We advise with regard to the EU Competition Law regime as it applies to development and exploitation agreements, and are well versed in drafting documentation to take advantage of the relevant EU Block Exemptions. Selecting the right sales network and distribution strategy is key to many businesses. We have the experience and expertise to advise our clients on the strategy most suited to their market and needs.

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