Effective Decision-Making Processes for Trustees

This module provides charity trustees with training on how to effectively make decisions for their charity.

Effective Decision-Making Processes for Trustees

Do your trustees:

  • Understand their powers and how to act within them?
  • Feel confident about which decisions should be made at board level and how to delegate decision-making powers appropriately?
  • Have processes in place to ensure all relevant factors are considered when making significant or strategic decisions for the charity, and that all such decisions are appropriately documented?
  • Understand the charity’s rules about holding meetings and passing resolutions for the charity, and (if applicable) when to involve the charity’s members?


This module provides charity trustees with training on how to effectively make decisions for their charity, how to delegate appropriately, and the importance of properly documenting their decision-making processes, particularly in relation to significant or strategic decisions, in case something goes wrong.

Your charity trustees are responsible for the actions and activities of your charity, and although they may take professional advice where appropriate to assist them in making decisions, responsibility for decision-making ultimately rests with them.

Charity trustees must act within their powers, in good faith in the charity’s best interests, and they must take account of all relevant factors when making decisions on behalf of their charity. They must also ensure that any delegated decision-making powers are carefully thought through with appropriate reporting requirements in relation to matters that should be considered by the board. This module provides trustees with training that is tailored for your charity to assist them to put in place appropriate procedures for effective decision-making.

Learning outcomes

The objective of this module is to ensure that delegates:

  • Understand the extent of their powers, when to seek professional advice, and their legal responsibilities as trustees when making decisions for your charity.
  • Have the tools that they need to put appropriate delegated authority procedures in place (or review and consider the appropriateness of existing delegations).
  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to put together processes for decision-making that are appropriate for your charity’s needs and activities.
  • Understand what happens when things go wrong, and why documenting significant or strategic decisions properly is important in these circumstances.

Course outline

  1. Legal requirements for trustee decision-making
    • Acting within your charity’s powers and in the charity’s best interest
    • Taking account of all relevant factor
    • Managing conflicts of interest
  2. Appropriate delegation and robust reporting procedures for your charity
  3. Making significant or strategic decisions
    • Setting up a procedure or checklist to assist the trustees
    • When should advice or guidance be sought?
    • What if the trustees cannot agree?
    • The role of members in decision making
    • Recording decisions properly
  4. What happens when things go wrong?

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