Our overall aim is to give our trainees a rich variety of high quality work so that they develop their legal skills and find the practice area that best suits their skills and interests.

Our training contract comprises four 'seats', with each one lasting six months.

You will be based in our Norwich, Chelmsford, Ipswich or Cambridge offices, undertaking four six month seats. While trainees are allocated to a particular office there is the opportunity and expectation that you will spend at least one seat in another office (including Cambridge).

Before you move into each of your four seats, you can express a preference as to which practice area you wish to undertake at that time. We take these preferences into account to ensure that where possible, each trainee spends time in the seats they are most interested in.

You are likely to spend time in Corporate, Commercial Property and Private Client teams as well as the firm's specialist practice areas such as Employment, Litigation, Shipping and Agriculture. From the beginning of your training programme, you'll be surprised at the degree of direct contact you can have with our clients. You'll feel valued and involved, and will see first hand the importance of going the extra mile.

During each seat, our trainees have regular review meetings and a more formal mid and end of seat review with their supervisor ensuring that they receive regular, constructive feedback on their progress.

All our trainees attend the Professional Skills Course (PSC) as well as attending further training events to equip them with the necessary skills for being a successful solicitor.

In relation to your final seat, we will seek to establish your preference for qualification and where possible, will arrange your last seat accordingly. We aim to promote details of newly qualified positions in advance of final decisions being made.

For more details about our major practice areas please click here.