Gender Pay Gap

Statement from Shaun Savory, Human Resources Director

Along with all other employers with 250 or more employees, Birketts LLP is required to analyse and report on our gender pay gap, usually on an annual basis. As a reminder, the global pandemic meant that the requirement to report in 2020 was suspended, which is why you may note that these figures are missing.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between average earnings for men and women but is not a comparison of pay rates for men and women who carry out the same role.

Although we are pleased to see a continued narrowing in our gender pay gap, there is still some way to go, and we are conscious that we remain somewhat above the averages within the UK. That being said, should we continue our trend, which we hope to do, we could see a closing of the mean gender pay gap by 2030.

We continue to build and develop our diversity and inclusion programmes, supported by the evolution of our Corporate Social Responsibility committee to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) committee. With the guidance of external ESG specialists, the committee are currently developing a strategy and appropriate KPIs so that we can measure and review our impact and ensure that we are driving positive change. Last year’s report introduced our overhaul of our parental leave benefits, and these enhanced policies are now very much embedded and utilised within Birketts, with a number of individuals using the shared parental leave offering. Our ‘Clearing the Pathway to Leadership’ programme continues to be a success with over 55 women now having engaged with it.

As in previous years, we view the data cautiously. Almost 75% of our employees are female and, like many firms, we have a large secretarial cohort. This secretarial community accounts for just under 12% of our employee base and is almost entirely made up of women (as of 2023, we do now have one man in this group), which inevitably skews our figures. It should also be noted that a number of employees have been included that joined or left the firm during the snapshot period; as this group has not received a full month’s pay, this results in them, for the purposes of reporting, appearing to have a much lower hourly rate of pay than is ‘accurate’. Guidance on reporting advises that this information should remain in the reporting but should be noted in the narrative. Conversely, a number of employees (men and women) received welcome bonuses, which has the opposite effect, resulting in a higher hourly rate of pay than is ‘accurate’.

We are proud to offer a staff profit share scheme to all employees with the relevant length of service, allowing our employees to be rewarded for the firm’s overall success. The bonus is paid as a percentage of basic salary which impacts our bonus gap, as does the fact that just under 94% of our part time workers are female, so their bonus has been pro-rated.

Our female Partnership cohort continues to expand, with us being proud to have announced that we have exceeded the 40% this mark (as of April 2023) with the number of female partners increasing by 18% over the last five years.

While we are pleased to see our continued progress in this area, we are conscious that there still remains work to do. We remain committed to taking further steps to narrow this gap and ensure that every member of the Birketts team has the same opportunities to develop and achieve their full potential.

April 2023

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