Birketts assists Basildon Borough Council with a Compulsory Purchase Order for Craylands Estate

07 October 2021

Birketts has assisted Basildon Borough Council with its latest Compulsory Purchase Order to enable the Council to acquire land in order to facilitate the delivery of the next phase of the comprehensive redevelopment and renewal of the Craylands Estate in Basildon.

Birketts Planning and Environmental Team was led by Ros Nuttall (Legal Director) with support from Beth Youngs (Solicitor).

The project as a whole, for the redevelopment and renewal of the Craylands Estate, will provide for 994 new dwellings, 534 original properties demolished, 429 retained with 298 of the new dwellings being affordable. This Compulsory Purchase Order relates to the third phase of the project, described as the "North phase", which relates to 8.49 hectares of the Craylands Estate.

The Basildon Borough Council (Fryerns and Craylands) (Phase North) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020 was made by the Council on 19 August 2020 and was confirmed by the Planning Inspector on 24 August 2021 following a public inquiry.

Speaking following the confirmation of the Compulsory Purchase Order, Ros said: “We are very pleased with the result achieved for Basildon Borough Council which enables the regeneration of the Craylands Estate to continue in line with the Council’s programme. Birketts are looking forward to working with Basildon Borough Council as the development of the Crayland Estate progresses.”

Birketts are always happy to advise clients in relation to Compulsory Purchase Orders, both in relation to promotion of and objection to Orders. Thanks to the large number of specialisms available at our firm, Birketts are able to offer advice and support at any stage, for any type of client affected or dealing with Compulsory Purchase Orders and Development Consent Orders.

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