Birketts launch Shaping Excellence course for effective recruitment

09 December 2019

Recent statistics indicate that the biggest problem faced by businesses today is finding the right person for the job. At Birketts, the employment team have been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new Shaping Excellence course focused on effective recruitment.

The course is specially tailored to help people managers deliver a fair recruitment process in line with discrimination law requirements, providing practical advice and guidance across all the recruitment stages.

Birketts’ half day workshop will offer an overview of the recruitment process, right through from preparing job descriptions, to dealing with pre-employment health questions and protected characteristics, to providing legally compliant references for departed employees. Vitally, this course will also highlight the subjectivities that routinely feature in the recruitment process, yet are so often overlooked, providing delegates with a comprehensive outline of the process and its hazards, offering advice on everything from producing job adverts that guard an organisation from being exposed to discrimination claims, to tips for recognising unconscious bias.

Sam Greenhalgh, Senior Associate in Birketts’ Employment Team commented: “Effective recruitment training is important not just to ensure that the best person is hired for the job, but also to protect the employer, placing them in the best possible position to defend - or indeed prevent - any challenge to a recruitment decision. Recruitment training is a pragmatic and proactive step for any organisation seeking to strengthen itself against an increasing number of discrimination claims.”

Marion from ZSEA commented: “Birketts’ perfectly pitched recruitment training course supplied our managers with the practical, real world examples they needed to feel confident in undertaking the recruitment process. Full of fun and interactive break-out tasks, Sam Greenhalgh’s workshop was packed with information about everything from the latest discrimination law requirements, to crafting job descriptions, to protected characteristics. Most importantly, delegates can now independently navigate the recruitment process ‘danger areas’ with greater confidence. We were very happy with Birketts’ efforts and wouldn’t hesitate to consider another of their Shaping Excellence courses in the future.”

Birketts’ recruitment course has been designed to cut through the confusion in order to equip recruiting managers with the tools they need to positively manage the recruitment process, whilst minimising risk to the business. Armed with the knowledge that this course will deliver, recruiting managers will be able to focus on getting the right people for the role, whilst confidently avoiding the common pitfalls associated with the recruitment process.

To find out more details about the course, please contact Sam Greenhalgh, Rosie Shipp or a member of Birketts’ Employment Team.