How family mediation can help you and your family situation

30 April 2021

Family mediation is a process available to any members of a family who have a dispute that needs to be resolved.

It often helps parties who are getting divorced but is equally useful for people who are not married including civil partners and cohabitees.

It provides a way to resolve disputes regarding property, the arrangements for children and other financial matters.

Other family members successfully use this process, including for example, grandparents who wish to make arrangements to see their grandchildren.

Where both parties are committed to addressing their difficulties, the mediator will arrange meetings either in person or online, so that both parties can agree what issues and problems need to be addressed and resolved.

We understand that people can be worried and anxious and so if needed, meetings can take place with parties not in the same room.

The mediator will manage meetings and ensure that they are fair at all times.

In mediation:

  • the decision making rests with you
  • the process is voluntary
  • mediation is confidential
  • the mediator is impartial and is not a judge and, unlike a judge, will express no views of their own as to the rights and wrongs of a dispute.

This gives both parties the freedom to, with the support and guidance of the mediator, design and influence the outcome of their dispute. It is flexible and adaptable to each situation.

It is an alternative to court proceedings that are often lengthy, costly, confrontational given its process, and where the outcome will ultimately be imposed by the judge, which often suits neither party.

We can offer hybrid mediation whereby you can have the support of your solicitor if you wish again this can take place online or in person.

At Birketts we have four Family Mediators.

We are also experienced Family Lawyers, who understand the law and what you are going through.

We can help you in resolving your issues in a compassionate, professional and supportive way.

We have assisted hundreds of individuals through court processes and mediations, mediation is undoubtedly a kinder, quicker and cheaper way, in most cases, for people to resolve their disputes and hopefully to remain on reasonable terms afterwards.

We understand how difficult family breakdowns can be but you may be surprised at how successful and helpful the mediation process can be.

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If you would like further information about mediation, the process or costs please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Overy via [email protected] or 01223 326659. Alternatively, please get in touch with another one of our friendly and professional mediators.

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