Shipping company fined after HGV driver injury

17 July 2019

A recent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecution of Jenkins Shipping Company Limited highlights the importance of shipping and transport companies carefully considering the role of an HGV driver in loading and unloading operations.

Liverpool Magistrates’ Court fined the company £30,000 and ordered them to pay over £7,000 costs to HSE: an HGV driver working for the shipping company sustained several lower limb fractures when he was struck by a paper reel that was being loaded on to his trailer.

Loading and unloading accidents are sadly frequent and the risk of injury is extremely high. The HSE is clear that steps must be taken to segregate pedestrians not involved in loading operations from vehicles being loaded/unloaded. It is known that drivers frequently wish to help out when their vehicle is being loaded or unloaded but a duty holder must be clear about the role of the driver; if they are not involved they should be kept away.

Further information on safe loading and unloading can be found on the HSE website.

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