The Community Infrastructure Levy, better known as CIL, came into effect in 2010 and is an integral part of the development process.

CIL was introduced as a levy or charge to enable local planning authorities to collect funds to fund development in their areas. The CIL regime has been subject to a number of amendments and revisions over the years leading to it being a complicated system to navigate.

Not all local planning authorities have adopted CIL charging schedules but the majority are working towards this being in place.

At Birketts we can advise on all aspects of CIL including in relation to the exclusions of and discounts to liability in certain circumstances and in respect of particular forms of development. There are detailed rules and timescales which apply when applying for a discount and we can provide advice about these.

We are experienced in advising on social housing and charitable reliefs that are available and can assist with completion of the correct forms in relation to assumption of CIL liability and those which are required prior to commencement of development. 

We also have experience of advising in relation to CIL enforcement issues and CIL appeals.


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