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Philanthropy is generosity. A philanthropist is someone who is driven by a desire to make a difference and help create a better world, someone who donates their time, money, experience, skills or talent to help others.

We provide expert, tailored and considered advice to philanthropists, and the charitable foundations and grant-making charities they set up and support, on a wide range of specialist legal issues relating to charitable giving.

Our approach is sensitive, rooted in our deep understanding and experience as specialist charity law advisers, and focused on your individual goals and ambitions. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, we will place this at the centre of our services for you, and can offer the full suite of advice you might require on all aspects of your philanthropic ambitions.

As a full-service firm, we are able to provide our private wealth clients with a comprehensive range of services which cover not only tax and succession services, but also ancillary areas, including corporate, philanthropy and property.  

We have a strong sector led-approach, which means that we are committed to understanding the sectors in which our private wealth clients operate in.  Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including agribusiness, media, arts and entertainment and property.

We are able to assist with a wide range of clients’ circumstances including straightforward or complex family relationships, small or complex estates involving privately owned businesses, agricultural or farming interests and large property portfolios.

We help clients structure their wealth planning to protect against future threats such as divorce or creditor claims and increase tax efficiency. We also advise on lifetime gifts, estate planning and taxation issues, working closely with other advisers, such as financial advisers and accountants, to ensure all aspects are covered.

Individual Philanthropists

We recognise that philanthropy is very often a family affair. It is very common for philanthropic projects to be designed and driven forward by the whole family, and we understand the importance of respecting this process when advising on your aims and ambitions.

Whilst all philanthropists are driven by a desire to make a difference and help others, your specific ambitions and the reason behind them will inevitably be shaped and moulded by your own experiences in life. There are many reasons why individuals become philanthropists, including:

  • supporting particular charitable causes that have directly affected you or someone you love
  • leaving a legacy in order to share your success for the benefit of others
  • setting up your own charity to address a particular need you have identified, or in memory of a loved one

There are many ways in which you can achieve your particular aims and ambitions, and we have experience and expertise advising on the full range of options, including:

Our services include advising you on the best structure to achieve your goals, and providing advice on the full range of associated legal issues that will be relevant to your particular project. We will work seamlessly with your existing private client lawyers, or our own team of highly experienced private client advisers would be happy to support and assist you, as required.

Corporate Philanthropists

Philanthropy is not just the purview of individuals. Companies are increasingly looking to embed ESG considerations into the very core of their businesses and operations. Corporate philanthropy includes making donations to support charities, but also extends far beyond this into many innovative and exciting projects and structures.

Our Charities Team, working alongside our Corporate Team and Commercial Team (as appropriate) provides comprehensive advice to our corporate philanthropist clients, including:

  • advice on major donations and sponsorship
  • setting up and structuring new charities as corporate foundations that are directly associated with and financially supported by the company
  • establishing and structuring subsidiary social enterprise businesses, with an embedded social purpose, whether as community interest companies, companies limited by shares or not for profit companies limited by guarantee
  • advice on incubating new social enterprises and/or charities, and spinning them out to become independent once established
  • restructuring companies to embed a social purpose, including advice on the legal requirements for status as a ‘B Corp’
  • innovative collaboration projects, including commercial participation, establishing ESG geared supply chains and joint tendering arrangements between charities, social enterprises and for-profit companies.

Charitable Foundations

If you already have a charitable foundation, which is managed by your family or as a corporate foundation associated with your business, we offer a range of services to support you with all areas of law that your foundation.

In particular, we recognise that your focus is on making a difference. As such, we have developed a flagship suite of packages of administration and clerking support for grant making charitable foundations. For further information, please click here or get in touch to speak with us about our services.

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