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Private Client: International

Many of our clients who are UK-based have an international connection, such as a property or a bank account, similarly those who are based abroad may have interests here.

Private Client: International

Our Private Client Team provides advice on English law and UK tax, and we also have wide experience dealing with matters across two or more jurisdictions.

To support this work, we have a strong network of trusted lawyers and other professionals worldwide who we are able to call on to act for our clients. We are also happy to work with a client’s existing international advisers.

We can help families administer the estate of a person with international links, covering all issues relating to probate, including realising assets in different jurisdictions and UK tax issues.

We also assist overseas law firms administering estates outside the UK with realising UK assets and UK tax matters.

Estate planning for clients who have assets in multiple jurisdictions is also an area of expertise. We are well-placed to co-ordinate suitable planning, liaising with your international advisers as required.

The Statutory Residence Test (SRT), by which the UK tax authorities determine whether you are tax resident in the UK is another area in which we assist clients. This is different to your immigration status, and it is possible to become tax resident in the UK while travelling on a visitor or student visa.

We work closely with our immigration team, to provide a joined-up service for clients with UK visa requirements. We also work closely with our property team, and can provide advice on the best way to purchase a UK property, and estate planning that should be carried out at the time of purchase, in relation to what will be many clients’ most valuable UK asset.

We work with individuals, banks and trust companies to provide advice in relation to offshore trust structures. The UK taxation, compliance and administration of such structures has increased in complexity in recent years, particularly where trusts hold UK property assets, or have UK resident beneficiaries.

We also offer Islamic Finance services, for further information please visit our Islamic Finance page.

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