Understanding your Sub-Contract

Why choose this course?

This course gives delegates an overview of their own standard sub-contract and how
to operate the terms to achieve the best effect for the contractor. It is specific to the
contractor’s standard sub-contract(s).

This course is particularly suited to main contractors with bespoke sub-contracts, and personnel involved with placing orders with or managing the supply chain based on those sub-contracts.

Course Content

  • Overview of the key terms of the sub-contract(s), including how risk is passed down the supply chain.
  • Delegates will then be taken through how a sub-contract should be put in place and operated.
  • The course will focus on key issues including: payment terms, conditions precedent wording and termination provisions.
  • Bespoke discussion around specific terms relevant to your sub-contract.

To discuss any of your training requirements, please contact Stefan Harris-Wright.

The benefits of the session were immediately
noticed with a greater degree of confidence
in the team and mutual team knowledge.

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