Independent Schools: Training your Employee Representatives

Many independent schools are embarking on a collective consultation process in response to the rising costs of remaining in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (“TPS”). As part of this, teaching staff are being asked to either volunteer themselves or nominate a colleague to fill the role of “employee representative” (“reps”) – often a role for which they have no previous experience.

  • Is your school going through a formal TPS consultation process?
  • Have your teachers asked for training?
  • Is communication already difficult or are you concerned about communication breakdown through this process?
  • Do your reps fully understand their role?

The Birketts approach

Birketts will ensure that this training is approached in a way that:

  • is at all times sensitive to the commercial objectives of the school; and
  • informs and empowers reps to carry out their role effectively and amicably; and
  • allows time and space for questions.

Birketts has a dedicated training team and specialises in the Education sector: we have combined these two areas of expertise and designed this course to provide schools with the tools to
run a smooth and more engaging.

Course Aims

The aim of this course is to upskill your reps so that the group understand their core role and responsibilities. By the end of the session, delegates will understand:

  • what collective consultation means;
  • the scope and parameters of their role as a rep;
  • the timeline for their involvement in the process; and
  • how they plan to communicate key information with those that they represent.

Q: Can Birketts deliver this in person?

A: Yes, we can deliver the course either in person or online. We know these processes
move quickly and we aim to be available at short notice.

Q: When should the training be delivered?

A: Ideally, the session should take place either before or after the first collective consultation
meeting. However, it can be a helpful tool for both parties at any stage of the process, particularly if issues arise with effective communication and / or the reps’ understanding of their remit.


This course will be delivered as a competitive one off fixed fee.

Super informative and applicable to my role.

The trainers were very personable and the training very informative, we got a lot out of the session!

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